Friday, March 11, 2011

K-bay Carnage

3-11-11 was a date to remember. Huge quake near Japan that sent a small (luckily) Tsunami racing across the pacific and into Kealekua Bay. Our good friends and fellow pilot Bill M. and Darlene narrowly escaped harm while trying to return to thier home to assess any damage. At least one home on the bay is now in the bay, along with a great deal of debris from other properties. I was fortunate enough to get some altitude on my new Delta, and took a few pictures of the area. Not too good, as I didn't want to have to end up landing at the church, and have to walk back out (since the lower portion of Napoopo road was closed). Best wishes to Bill and Darlene for a speedy recovery to normalcy at their house on the bay.

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