Visiting Pilot Information


Welcome to Captain Cook, Hawaii, the only thermal site we have at this time. The launch and LZ are on private property. The use of these properties for paragliding is dependent on your cooperation, and the right to use them can be revoked at a moment’s notice. We are presently on our seventh LZ, and are running out of real estate.

To fly at this site you need to have a paraglider, RESERVE, 2-meter radio, helmet, current USHPA membership, P-3 rating with thermal experience, and be(come) a member of our club/sign a waiver. Long pants, sturdy boots, variometer, and gps are recommended.

Visiting pilots must be given a thorough site orientation by a GUIDE PILOT. There is no charge for this service. The launch and lz need to to be carefully inspected and assessed while in the company of the GUIDE PILOT. Visiting pilots will not fly if he (she) do not have radio contact with their guide. Visiting PILOT will not go through gate and up to launch unless accompanied by GUIDE PILOT... A GUIDE PILOT is a resident P-4 who flies this site often, and is thoroughly familiar with its hazards. The GUIDE PILOT is also attuned to local issues and can help the visiting pilot avoid confrontations with area residents. Please urinate in the woods across the road, in the woods, out of sight. If friends or family accompany you to launch, please be certain they are aware of the sensitivity of the launch and lz

Only four-wheel drives are allowed beyond the pavement to launch. If you have a two-wheel drive check with the GUIDE PILOT where you should park. If you drive to launch in a four wheel drive you should park across the road . The parking area near launch is reserved for the property owners and local club members.

LZ: the lz you use is going to depend on a variety of factors: your skill level, the day of the week, flying conditions, etc. Your GUIDE PILOT will go over your options with you and take you around to examine them.

2-meter radio set to 144.555
USHPA Membership
P-3 with thermal experience
Signed Waiver/Club Membership
$20 check or cash to B.I.S.A.
LZ and Launch Orientation

Membership is $20 per calendar year. Make check payable to BISA (Big Island Soaring Association). The Waiver you signed is also your club application. Your check should accompany your application form.