Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday November 5th Gorse Hunt Puuloa

Weapon: Backpack Sprayer, 5 gallons water, poison will be provided
Target: Gorse of any age around Puuloa cindercone, no bag limit
Time: best before the mist comes up the mountain, 8:30 ish
Carpool & Questions: Check with Neil Morriss 895-1048, Scott Gee 854-1994 Charlie Crocker 938-9825 Secretary Gene Dursin 328-8514 or President Moku 896-2118

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Awesome day at the Bay

Wednesday 10/05 was another awesome day at K-bay. The 1st flight started at about 9:30 and everyone that launched got up. That would include Sam, Dennis, Charlie and Me; with Gene following over an hour and a half later. Greg, who gave us our 1st ride up to launch, unfortunately made the decission to skip flying today. The lift was moderate, but widespread. The Lava was pulsing; it was working over McCoy's, Kalamalani, the Bananas, behind the Brown, at the Church, and even over the bay side of the Pali. Almost every cloud I flew to took me up. Base was a little low, but I was smelling roasting coffee at 2800 ft. at one point, without being in the clouds. There was even a little rubbish fire at McCoy's to follow the smoke up from. Everyone had at least one good flight, and some 2, before it finally clouded over and started to sprinkle on the hill. Let's hope this is an indication of good things to come for the rest of the fall and winter.
Ramjet Out