Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hazy day

The day started off promising, with lots of sun, and some nice clouds over launch, but the climbing was difficult to say the least. Good fun though, as I always enjoy a challenge, and good company from good friends. The visiting pilot (have you heard of Nick Greece?) showed us the posibilities on his second flight, and I led Sam to the beach for his first landing there, ever! Darlene was good enough to drive for us, although we had to share a seat with Honey Girl. At least she didn't pee on the seat, like the last dog I rode with (a Saint Bernard!) And she really is a sweety. Thanks Darlene, and thanks Charlie for picking us up at the beach.
Ramjet Out

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Southy day at the bay

What a great day today at K-bay. Never flown it quite like those conditions though. Air was screaming in from the South out front, although just a little southy on launch. I slid over to the pali and worked my way up almost to base out there, after nearly getting pinned (just needed to get on the bar to escape, and felt better about hanging around to catch some 900 up after that). Had a good landing at the church (a little short) Sorry I had to leave before it was over. Hope the rest of the guys got some good flights. Bill (on his new Peak 2) and his out of town friend looked like they were having fun, popping in and out of the white-room northwest of launch.

Ramjet Out