Monday, October 18, 2010

Awsome day at K-bay

Things got started Sunday with us watching Greg just floating high over the Pali as we were riding up to launch. The apparent bouyancy was encouraging. I launched at about 10:00 and headed out to try my luck. The bubbles were plenty energetic, but it took me a while to figure out how to best utilize the ragged lift. I had pretty much resigned myself to taking advantage of the rides offered by Gene and Neely-bird, and was down to about 1100 ASL South of the Brown when I caught a puff and managed to hang on for enough altitude to look for more. LSS, I worked up to base, and a little beyond, flew out to the bay, back to a little lift over Mc Coy's, then back over launch. By now, the sky was full of wings, and everyone going up and having a blast. I hooked into a ragged screamer back of Bannanas, and got another good climb over Red Roof, leading Oahu Don to the escape route, and took it up into the white room again. By now, getting a little cold and tired, I headed out over the bay for a little gentle playing and brought it home to the Church LZ. By now, Sam and a visiting pilot from Vancouver, WA were enjoying the bouyant air by the Pali. Gary and the VP came in to join me in tight formation. Then Sammy almost made it to the LZ, getting pinned by a local thermal kicking off at just the wrong time. Apparently, Don didn't think one wing decorating the Koahaole was enough and he followed suit. Glad my saw is still sharp. Otherwise, everyone had a wonderful day, ended by our elustrious president showing up with cooler of cold ones. Woo Hoo!

Roger Ramjet, over and out

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  1. Thanks Roger, wish we had some pictures of that strange fruit you had to cut away. Over here we call him Big Island Don because he flies there more than here.

    This is a good start no some pics would be awesome, or maybe you guys are trying to fly under the radar and not entice anyone over.......good plan.